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What is 360 Virtual Tour?

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Why 360 Virtual Tour?

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360 Virtual Tour in Various Applications

Cultural Heritage Preservation

  • Description: Digitally preserving historical sites, artifacts, and cultural landmarks in a 360-degree format.
  • Usage: Museums, historical societies, and conservation efforts.
  • Benefits: Documenting heritage for future generations, enabling virtual visits, and aiding in restoration efforts.


  • Description: Offering virtual tours of travel destinations, accommodations, and attractions.
  • Usage: Travel agencies, hotels, and tourism boards.
  • Benefits: Attracting travelers with immersive experiences, helping in trip planning, and increasing bookings.


  • Description: Offering virtual tours of ecologically significant locations to promote environmental awareness.
  • Usage: Tourist boards, conservation organizations, and eco-friendly travel agencies.
  • Benefits: Reducing physical environmental impact, educating the public about ecosystems, and attracting eco-conscious travelers.


  • Description: Creating virtual event experiences that allow participants to engage remotely.
  • Usage: Event organizers, conference planners, and businesses hosting virtual events.
  • Benefits: Expanding event reach, reducing logistical challenges, and enabling global participation in conferences, trade shows, and other gatherings.

Property & Real Estate

  • Description: Allowing property buyers or renters to explore listings through virtual property tours.
  • Usage: Real estate agents, property developers, and homeowners.
  • Benefits: Saving time, narrowing down options, and reducing in-person visits.

Legal Action, Progress Report & Remote Audit

  • Description: Capturing detailed visual evidence for legal cases, documenting progress, and assisting in audits.
  • Usage: Legal professionals, project managers, auditing firms, and regulatory bodies.
  • Benefits: Strengthening legal arguments, enhancing project oversight, and streamlining audit processes.

Project Evaluation

  • Description: Providing stakeholders with a comprehensive view of project sites for assessment and decision-making.
  • Usage: Construction companies, project managers, and government agencies.
  • Benefits: Improved project monitoring, quicker decision-making, and reduced travel costs.

Farm Management

  • Description: Monitoring crops and livestock, optimizing resource allocation, and making data-driven decisions.
  • Usage: Farmers, agricultural researchers, and agribusinesses.
  • Benefits: Increased agricultural productivity, resource efficiency, and informed decision-making.


  • Description: Creating immersive learning experiences through virtual classrooms, field trips, and interactive educational content.
  • Usage: Schools, colleges, e-learning platforms, and educational institutions.
  • Benefits: Enhancing student engagement, making learning more accessible, and enabling remote education.

Presentation of Work

  • Description: Showcasing completed projects or deliverables in an immersive and interactive manner.
  • Usage: Freelancers, creative agencies, and project teams.
  • Benefits: Engaging clients, demonstrating work quality, and enhancing project presentations.

Visual Data Management (VDM)

Take advantage of advanced visual data management tools to organize, store, and manage all your data and 3D models in a hassle-free manner.

Centralized Management

Easily access and store all your 3D models in one location without the risk of losing critical data.

Secure Storage

Securely store your 3D models with enterprise-level encryption and rock-solid security protocols.

Advanced Visualization

View, edit, and analyze your 3D models with ease using an advanced visualization tool.

360 virtual tour solution in our VDM platform. Please take a look.

Features in Visual Data Management (VDM)

Storage and Organization

As 360 images and videos can be large files, it's crucial to have a reliable and scalable storage solution. Cloud-based storage services are often used to securely store these files, ensuring easy access and management from multiple locations.

Accessibility and Sharing

Ensuring that the 360 visual content is easily accessible to authorized users is vital. Permissions and sharing settings should be configured appropriately to control who can view, download, or edit the content.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Utilizing a CMS designed for managing 360 visual data can streamline the organization and retrieval process. A CMS can provide advanced search capabilities, automated tagging, and categorization features.

Integration with Virtual Tour Platforms

If the 360 visual data is used for virtual tours, integration with virtual tour platforms or 360 tour creation tools can facilitate seamless content management and publishing.

Version Control

For videos or interactive virtual tours that may undergo updates or changes, maintaining version control is essential to keep track of different iterations and revisions.

Data Analytics

For businesses, analytics tools can provide insights into user engagement and interactions with the 360 content. This data can help optimize the content and improve the overall user experience.

Content Distribution

For businesses or organizations with multiple locations or websites, having a system to distribute and syndicate 360 visual content across different platforms can be advantageous.

Content Editing and Enhancement

Depending on the purpose of the 360 visual data, having tools for editing, enhancing, and optimizing the content may be beneficial.

Security and Privacy

As with any data, security measures should be in place to protect sensitive or proprietary visual content from unauthorized access or data breaches.

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